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A Stage Before

Ben Cain
October 12th - November 9th 2014

Supplement is proud to present an exhibition by London based British artist Ben Cain. This new body of work continues to develop themes of work, labour, and artistic action which have become the core of the artist’s recent practice. Cain has recurrently explored art’s ambiguous relationship to industry, commodification and immaterial labour. He is interested in how artworks might pose questions about what we think they are doing and, by implication, our role as viewers in their social and cultural production.

For the exhibition three bespoke tables fill the space of the gallery, laid out with various different types of materials and objects. The tables themselves are replicas of the gallery’s office table, elevated from a functional object to the status of artwork. In the gallery the original table is present. It is a site of action with the physical trappings of the gallery. The bespoke tables mimic the office table’s objective function: directly referring to the original’s role in an office - as a place of work, meeting, or rest. The materials and objects upon the tables are in a state of readiness, suggesting possibilities for actions and work to be done. They could be thought of as being in a state of performance, dependent on intentions and conventions that are co-produced equally by the viewer, the gallery and by the artwork itself.

As with many of his previous works Cain presents the potential use of material objects, both in a physical and an interpretative sense, as a way of drawing attention to the subjectivity of the viewer. The works implicate the viewer in them, opening up potential relational and situational narratives. He raises questions about how meaning and value in an artwork is produced, and also problematises its unique position as a category of object and the sites of its production and consumption. The work acts as a provocation of our understanding of artistic labour, objective value and the art object.

Ben Cain (b. 1975 Leeds) lives and works in London, recent exhibitions and projects include: Performance with Jesse Ash as part of A Stuttering Exhibition, Centre Rhénan a'Art Contemporain, Altkirch, Switzerland; The City is Dead, Long Live The City, Dubrovnik, Croatia; 54. Annale: Great Undoing, Porec, Croatia; Turnovers, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Serbia & Tate Modern Project Space, London, UK; Down Time, The Tetley, Leeds, UK; Art Sheffield 13, Sheffield, UK; (all 2014) A House of Leaves, Third Movement, DRAF, London UK; Sound Spill, 1500 Broadway, New York, USA; Words to be spoken Aloud, Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK, (all 2013); Work in the Dark, Manifesta 9, Genk, Belgium, (2012); Busan Biennale, Busan, Korea, (2012); The Other Workshop, Herbert Reed Gallery, Canterbury, UK, (2011), The Same Old Objects Keep Reappearing, Tu SMo, Museum of Modern Art, Pula, Croatia, (2010); The Making of the Means, Wiels, Brussels, Belgium (2009).

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