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16 January—13 February 2016

CONDO is a collaborative exhibition by 24 galleries across 8 London spaces.Supplement will host three galleries each presenting one artist:

Truth & Consequences (Geneva) - Mathis Altmann
Gregor Staiger (Zurich) - Rachal Bradley
High Art (Paris) - Tom Humphreys
Supplement (London) - Philomene Pirecki


Installation View

Philomene Pirecki Desire as a Form of Energy (Grey Text Painting 54, framed by text version 10 (2008), 2014), Emotional Exercise, 2015-2016 UV print onto glass, dye sublimation print onto aluminium, Duraclear, steel, reconfigured rejected works and written notes on paper (2008 - 2010), out of circulation shredded banknotes, magnets, text on paper, vinyl sticker 190 x 80 x 30 cm

Detail: Philomene Pirecki Desire as a Form of Energy (Grey Text Painting 54, framed by text version 10 (2008), 2014), Emotional Exercise, 2015-2016

Philomene Pirecki Together Watching, 2014 ink on folded & glued paper, (a poem by the artist is concealed within) pulped rejected artwork on paper (2006 - 2010) 9 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm

Philomene Pirecki Grey Painting: Text Version 58 (framed by text version 15, 2009), 2015 Oil paint on canvas, acrylic paint on canvas 122 x 71 cm



Rachal Bradley Dwelling, 2016 Bespoke PVC strip curtain, galvanised hardware, variable dimensions, as installed: 235 x 112 cm


Installation View

Mathis Altmann Fresh Breeze, Old Smell, 2015 Concrete, metal, wood, mini-cam, lcd-screen, plastic, paper, led’s, cold-cathode lamps, electrical fan, carton, plexiglass 50 x 60 x 100 cm

Detail: Mathis Altmann Fresh Breeze, Old Smell, 2015

Tom Humphreys Monitor, 2014 Acrylic on paper mounted on board wood, glass and aluminium 141.5 x 100.5 x 7.5 cm

Tom Humphreys Untitled, 2015 Acrylic, gouache, watercolour, sum ink and pencil on paper 50.5 x 70.5 cm

Tom Humphreys Untitled, 2015 Acrylics gouache and watercolour on paper 50.5 x 70.5 cm

Tom Humphreys Untitled, 2015 Gouache, watercolour, ink and pencil on paper 50.5 x 70.5 cm

Mathis Altmann (Born in Munich in 1987, lives and works in Zürich.) Graduated from Hochschule für Kunst Zürich in 2011. Recent Exhibitions include: (2015) The Sewager: Zwischen Krieg & Party, Halle für Kunst Lüneburg, Lüneburg, Germany (solo); Raw and Delirious, Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland (2014) Doom: Surface Control, Le Magasin, Grenoble, France; Metarave I, Wallriss, Fribourg, Switzerland; Guyton Price Smith Walker, Plymouth Rock, Zurich; Chat Jet (Part 2) Sculpture in Reflection, Künstlerhaus - Halle für Kunst & Medien, Graz; Hephaestus, Office Baroque, Brussels (2014) Sucker Farm, marbriers4, Geneva (solo); Give me some energy to fight off my demons, Pro Choice at Shanaynay, Paris (solo); Psycho Bombs, Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles (solo).

Rachal Bradley (Born in Blackpool UK, in 1979, lives and works in Glasgow) Graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2012. Recent exhibitions and projects include: (2015) Foreign Press, Galerie Gregor Staiger, Zurich; Only for Loving Medium, Present Future, Artissima, Turin; (2014) repeating, Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster; YEARS, Copenhagen (with Patricia L Boyd); TG, Nottingham (solo); Im Zurich, Galerie Gregor Staiger, Zurich (solo); Im Blackpool, Supercollider, Blackpool (solo); D.R.E.S.S.I.N.G., curated by Paul Pieroni, SPACE, London;
(2013) After Venice, Piper Keys, London (solo).

Tom Humphreys (Born 1972 in Essex, Lives and works in London) Recent exhibitions include: (2015) Bird Food, What Pipeline, Detroit (solo); Over you / you, The 31st Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg; Conflicting Evidence, 1857, Oslo; Potteries Thinkbelt, Rob Tufnell, London; The Subjects of the Artist, Michael Thibault, Los Angeles; Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam; Oeuvre sans Valeur a Vendre Cher, Rob Tufnell, Brussels; Green, What Pipeline, curated by Puppies Puppies; Towers of Dub (Live Orbient 3.9.93), Thomas Duncan Gallery, Los Angeles (2014) Natural History, Christian Andersen, Copenhagen (solo); Tours, High Art, Paris (solo); Casa Párticular, Rob Tufnell, London (solo); 'Corruption Feeds', Bergen Kunsthall.

Philomene Pirecki (Born Jersey CI, lives and works in London) Recent exhibitions include: (2015) Signal Failure curated by Tobias Czudej, PACE Gallery, London; Breaking Up is Hard to do, Northern Gallery for Contemorary Art. Tomorrow: London, South London Gallery, London (2014) Philomene Pirecki & Jamie Shovlin, Unosunove, Rome, Italy; In The Wake, Truth and Consequences, Geneva, Switzerland (2 person, curated by Julia Marchand); A plastic resource, Limbo, Margate; Collecting Mode, Neumeister Bar-Am Berlin, Germany; Panda Sex, State of Concept Athens, Greece (curated by Tom Morton); Ends Again, Supplement, London, UK; (2013) Image Persistence, Supplement, London, UK (solo); Frame, Fold, Fracture, Green on Red gallery, Dublin, Ireland (solo).