S u p p l e m e n t



Maquette for an e-card

Gino Saccone
June 6th - July 8th 2012

An equation to predict the physical possibility of a particular event:
The chances of at any one time needing two cat flaps in one door, in any given location, without motive.


The square root of the length of time it takes for the average cat to pass through a cat flap
The value for the number of cats that could physically use the flaps in a given area
The average volume of space occupied by the average cat
The average volume of space occupied over a one day period of any given cat
The volume of space for any given cat to occupy in a given area

CURATE: Dear Sir, I notice a minor flaw in your equation. For if one cat is fatter than the other cat, the volumes need to be re-scaled.

Dear press and idle viewer,
With this here show I wish to entertain the ignorant, excite the admiration of the learned, escape the contempt of gravity, and attract applause from persons of ingenuity and taste.

(On arrival from Florence)
CURATE: Hmmm, yes, I like what I see; it’s certainly a fresco. And this piece, reminds me of the last supper.
CURATE: Perhaps, but your canvas has got no further than a tablecloth!

Stories beget stories and it all loops back, but never to the beginning, to somewhere in the middle. It's all of a process, but a process is resolutely not a story (let's not get carried away).

The exhibition Maquette for an e-card, as its title suggests, is a working model or sketch, a preliminary form. It's hard to define a place between production and display, when the limits are consistently moved. It is an odd undertaking to describe an open set of possibilities that offer much in the way of interpretation whilst attempting no description in themselves. To escape the contempt of gravity, as Cervantes puts it. So to loop back again, a third of the way in, somewhere after we have begun but sufficiently far from the middle to not be central.

An e-card: a form of digital correspondence whose primary function is to communicate an occasion and perhaps to entertain, or console.

Gino Saccone (b 1979, Jersey Channel Islands, lives and works in London.) gained his MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art (2008) and was a resident at Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten (2009-2010). Recent exhibitions include Hairdoo for Pizza Man, Limoncello, London (2011); Space is a Word, PAKT, Amsterdam (2010); Implant UBS Bank, New York