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Fair Play

Jack Vickridge
August 2nd - August 24th 2008

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For its fourth exhibition Supplement presents a series of new works by Jack Vickridge.

Vickridge's practice explores the interplay between a material's substance and its surface. His objects exhibit subtle sensibilities of topography, colour and form.

Vickridge's interest lies in the diverse nature of materials and their individual tactile qualities. Vickridge explores the minutiae of cracks, splinters, warps and bends intrinsic to these materials, working them with the application of colour, and through gesture and arrangement.

Vickridge's visual language has a drawing-like quality. It is born of a process of mark making and sculpting in which works gradually gain a logic and momentum of their own. Objects freewheel through their development with a lightness of touch; rather than finishing at a foreseen endpoint they are allowed to reach a natural resolution.

Fair Play, through the magnification of minute material qualities, expands and enlivens the act of looking. The works inspire intensive scrutiny while remaining simplistic in nature. Drilled holes in a wooden board become bright white marks on a picture plane, ink saturated paper takes on the properties of material colour.

These generous and considered works in which minimalist autonomy and purity are celebrated propose a subtle shifting of perception. They act as a visual lexicon, pointers to Vickridge's multi-faceted and eloquently articulated language of the pictorial and the material.

An editioned fly poster accompanies this exhibition. Please contact the gallery for further details.