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Jack Vickridge
June 10th - July 10th 2011

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For the third exhibition in its 2011 programme Supplement presents an exhibition of
new works by Jack Vickridge. For his second solo exhibition at the gallery Vickridge
presents a new body of work that develops an approach to image making that
translates a sculptural language through the processes and materiality of printmaking.

Each image is built up through a process of chance and material dialogue, resulting in
a complex composition of depth, colour and textural mark. The prints begin with
sheets of foam board that then undergo a series of gestural and responsive actions,
fluid or angular cuts that fragment the surface of the board. These areas are then
creased, scored and punctuated, reticulating the surface with a series of marks and
lines. This becomes the plate from which a unique print is made, with oil paint rolled
across the surface and the paper laid upon it. The final image is a flattened trace of
these actions, existing singularly and discretely yet containing multiple layers of time
and material. The specifics of the material and its alterations affect the outcome,
producing individual forms of interference and nuance with each print made.

Material matter, graphical form and the residue of an action generate each
composition. The intricacy of matter, tactile and superficial, transmits across the
mediums as a register of material information, carried by the act of printing. This
form of aleatoric composition makes for a freedom of production that allows each
image to form their own internal logic, generated from the conflation of one material
language with another.

A publication accompanies the exhibition; please contact the gallery for further