S u p p l e m e n t




Matthew Musgrave
July 14th - August 12th 2012

Supplement is proud to present a solo exhibition at the gallery by the London based artist Matthew Musgrave. This is Musgrave’s second exhibition at the gallery.

Painting activates a highly specific area of thinking; certain problems, investigations, references, observations and discursions that echo and reverberate between works. Progress is measured through the ebb and flow of suggestion, discovery and arrival at different points in differing territory.

The exhibition brings together a group of paintings that are a series of enquiries into the relationship between painting and observation. Compositions are developed, considered and revised in series, a process that often develops an apparent simplicity as much as it broadens in sophistication. A composition may pull away from its starting point as painting continues, accumulating observations and attempts, as much as it may return, repeat or rhyme/resonate through modulations of brush, colour, consistency, fluidity, opacity or luminosity of paint. There is a heightened sensitivity at work in the act of painting which seeks to establish form, discover limits and push into areas of indistinct activity. Questions occur, as an intuitive coherence seeks to stay close to the nature of painting.