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On Revolutions for the Heavenly Spheres

Richard Sides
Opening Performance 15 April | Installation continues 16 April - 17 April, 2011

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For the first event in its 2011 programme Supplement present On Revolutions for the Heavenly Spheres by Richard Sides.

Taking influence from Nicolai Copernicus’ text from 1543 On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres1 Richard Sides presents a play in three acts.

Utilising video, spoken word, sound and props, Sides’ abstract drama of loose associations and structuralist motifs works through a set of explorations in light, gravity and sound.

Performance 8.00 pm | Duration 60 mins

Following the opening performance the audio-visual installation will remain open for viewings Saturday 16 April - Sunday 17 April, 12 - 6pm.


1The text is thought to be one of the most significant theories of the universe, offering an alternative model to the previously accepted geocentric system developed by Ptolemy. The geocentric system placed the Earth at the centre of the Universe whilst the new heliocentric system places the Earth in orbit of the Sun within the Solar System.